Technical Expertise & Project Facilitation

Heritage of Professional and Technical Expertise

With uncompromising focus on strong business principles, concrete financial practices and unrelenting emphasis on individual development and nurturing, we have cultivated an atmosphere and heritage of Professional and Technical Expertise that allows us to successfully engage every challenge boldly and confidently.

Technical Expertise

The concentration of real-world, practical expertise that makes up our team continues to expand. The service and resources our employees make available to you, ensure that YOU are safe, secure, and successful.

The experience and credentials of our employees cross the generational gap. We are proud of our people:

  • Multiple State of Texas APS, Fire Alarm Planning Superintendents
  • Multiple NICET Level 3 and 4 Certifications in Various Specialty Areas
  • Multiple Managers in Various Departments with 20 or more years in their Specialty Area
  • Manufacturer Awards for Outstanding Performance and Applications of their Products


Concentric Project Facilitation

All work is divided into concentric areas of responsibility based upon the individual strengths of team members, with you, our customer, as the central point of focus.

  • Design: Comprised of full time in-house department personnel, design work is performed in-house. It takes a serious commitment to engage this sort of horsepower.
  • Installation: Primarily purposed for construction and renovation projects, our Project Managers and Field Superintendents manage projects from contract acceptance to final training and turnover to the end user. A single point of responsibility and coordination provides the most effective communication.
  • Design & Build: Trained for and focused primarily on projects, usually not constructed through the typical A&E Construction process, this department provides the extra unique touch essential for a successful project when the end-user’s needs are not yet defined or are still developing. Our mobility and flexibility meet your changing needs.
  • Service & Customer Support: A truly successful service department must be agile and foundationally strong in multiple disciplines. It takes years of training to develop technicians with the diverse range of systems knowledge and people skills to exceed your expectations.