Smart support


SMART SUPPORT is your access to Communications Concepts’ system experts and customized product replacement. With the optional SMART SUPPORT SERVICE, technology and alarm system problems are resolved quickly, so your operations are back on track with minimal down time.

As technology evolves and critical business systems become more complex, the consequences of downtime increase dramatically. When a problem occurs that can disrupt your system’s operations, Communication Concepts mobilizes its resources to resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

Please ask us about Smart Support plan pricing.


When a system failure occurs affecting your operation-critical systems, you expect quick access to a team of Systems Experts to diagnose, repair and bring your systems back on line. You are connected to a “SMART-SUPPORT” seasoned professional to walk you through the trouble shooting and resolution process. The entire process is supervised and monitored by a “SMART-SUPPORT” Service Coordinator who verifies that each case is successfully resolved.


You have the option of communicating and interfacing with “SMART-SUPPORT” solution providers in the most convenient method for you and your team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether by email, telephone or online, a seasoned team stands ready to serve you.


RISK ASSESSMENT FACILITY SURVEYS  Identify each potential risk you may incur, plus detailed solutions-based plans to keep your systems operating at peak performance. Should a component of your system fail, don’t worry. Communication Concepts already has a CONTINGENCY PLAN in place to bring you back up and running expeditiously, with as little disruption to your normal activities as possible.


Proactive preventative maintenance and testing services, which enhance the smooth operation of your systems.


HEALTH CHECK An in-system monitor is added to your system that provides full-service, around the clock monitoring for Security, Fire Alarm and related systems via either standard telephone lines or IP address. Account history and testing are only moments away and may be transmitted to your cell phone, email address or fax machine. Auto-Notification provides immediate updates with the details that mean the most to you.


COCO UNIVERSITY-REMOTE An onsite training program for you and your personnel. Receive the same user-operation training our own technicians and superintendents receive. Upon request, Communication Concepts also provides advanced technical training, complete with course completion certification.

ON-DEMAND DIRECT Access to seasoned professionals from our Technical Support and Assistance Group.


As a plan member, you receive preferred scheduling and pricing. Don’t worry about being placed at the bottom of the pile. Our service technicians will respond to your onsite service needs as soon as the same business day and at “Preferred Pricing Discounts.”


24/7 Real Time Live Remote Technical Support for

end user.


24/7 Emergency Service and Repair for onsite troubleshooting and repair of essential

mission-critical systems.


Complete “Point to Point” Advance Replacement for Critical Systems devices and components including: 4-Hour, Same Day and Next Business Day response.


A variety of onsite equipment and hardware replacement options for non-critical systems including Next Business Day, Second Business Day and Return for Repair.


CONSTANT UPDATE We always keep you current with firmware and software updates including major software releases.


You’ll also have your own Personalized Web-Portal with archived Inspection Reports, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Service History Logs, all customized to meet your needs. In addition, the Personalized Web-Portal gives you online access to white papers, advisories, technical support documentation and industry bulletins as well.