5 Types of Panic Buttons to Use with a Mass Notification System

Emergency Alert Software Panic Buttons

High Demand for Panic Button Solutions

When an organization faces a crisis, such as an intruder or active shooter, loud notification methods may have detrimental effects when the goal is to keep people safe. Discreet solutions, such as panic buttons, are in high demand because they can send alerts to a select group of responders without necessarily alerting an entire organization. They also offer a simple, convenient method for sending a mass notification that doesn’t require logging into a specific system to operate.

InformaCast mass notification offers organizations several methods to tie their panic buttons into a larger ecosystem. This provides a well-rounded approach to emergency alerts and offers organizations a quick way to trigger messages. In this blog post, we’ll cover the different configurations and uses for panic buttons with InformaCast.

Panic Buttons Configured for IP Phones

With InformaCast, users can configure panic buttons on IP phones. These buttons can be tied to messages and groups to send alerts when the button is pressed. This makes it an easy and discreet way to call for assistance. The message can even include the location of the phone, and since most organizations already have IP phones, it doesn’t require the installation of any additional equipment.

SIP Panic Buttons

Physical panic buttons using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) can also be connected to InformaCast. These buttons are typically placed in reception areas or under desks to signal that assistance is needed without alerting potential intruders. SIP-enabled panic buttons can be set up to trigger InformaCast broadcasts, and some models come with speakers and are also able to receive InformaCast broadcasts. SIP panic buttons are typically Power over Ethernet, making them easy to deploy.

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M2M Plug-ins

Analog devices can also be used as panic buttons with InformaCast’s M2M (Machine to Machine) feature. Something as simple as a doorbell can be used to trigger mass notifications if it can connect to a contact closure. This requires the purchase of a contact closure to IP gateway from a vendor like Perle or Barix, but multiple buttons can run through that gateway once it is set up.

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Wireless Panic Buttons

Some organizations utilize wireless panic buttons, which are small devices personnel keep on them. These buttons are connected to an organization’s wireless internet network, allowing organizations to trigger messages from anywhere within their facilities and does not require someone to be near a wired panic button or phone to send an alert.

Desktop Computer Shortcuts

Using InformaCast organizations can also configure panic button shortcuts on desktop computers. A certain combination of keys can be configured to trigger emergency messages. When a computer is the only device available, this can be a convenient way to get the message out alerting people that there is danger in the area.

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These are the current panic buttons currently available with InformaCast. Singlewire Software is always looking to provide the best user experience for mass notification and regularly reviews new technologies, methods and market demands to expand the capabilities of InformaCast.

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