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Our Objectives, Values, & Culture

Be the Best



We strive to be the best technology and alarm systems integration service company with zero defects.  To be thought of first, often, and well.

We believe that the quality of our products and services is the most important concern for our customers. Therefore, superior quality is the foundation of the service we provide. We will deliver, install, and service products that meet our customers’ expectations every time on time.

We serve people by using our gifts and abilities to produce something of value to others through our actions.


Zero Defects


We promote the development of our Team Members.

We must place preventive and corrective measures in place to ensure that no substandard product is left installed and that no service is provided without excellence.

We will respect, preserve the dignity of, show loyalty to, and encourage all other Team Members.



We strive to grow profitably.

We must respond and perform with accuracy, speed, and urgency.


We must demonstrate the highest standard of moral character through every attitude, decision, word, and deed, whether seen or unseen.

Our Heritage of Serving & Success

Our Culture

People serve people, not companies nor organizations. We serve you by focusing on the quality of the core experience. We strive to earn your trust, show compassion, demonstrate stability and provide you hope.

What We Offer

We offer peace of mind to you by implementing a safe, conservative and balanced approach to assure that your projects deploy successfully and systems operate smoothly by strategically identifying and planning around potential risk and then executing our plans with precision.


We aren’t a company that just sells products and solutions, we offer a quality relationship-based experience. We use a “deep-team” approach toward the management and execution of projects and implement an innovative resource-management model, utilizing employees each with their own unique individual areas of strength. We operate under core fundamentally conservative business practices limiting debt and always seeking to identify and minimize risks. We are proud of our heritage of success and proven track record dating back to 1987 and strive to continue far into the future. Safety is always on our minds. We want everyone we work with to be safe, secure and successful.

Business Management

Our management team is comprised of seasoned marketplace veterans who bring a wealth of successful knowledge and experiences from both inside and outside our present industry. An overabundance of knowledge and experiences acquired while participating in Corporate Advisory Boards, Entrepreneurial Development Advisory Programs and Financial Consulting Roles, provide the foundation for day to day decisions and course corrections. Fiscally conservative and sound business practices with strong financial positioning contribute to the entire package and provide you the confidence that the path and direction of Communication Concepts is strong, stable, and secure.

Our Certifications & Affiliations

Communication Concepts is proud of the more than 40 employees who have strived to improve not only themselves, but our company as a whole through the pursuit of ongoing education, certifications, licenses, and individual achievements.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our technicians are processed through FAST (Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas) and are placed in the Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas as required under Senate Bill 9, which directs all organizations to obtain state and national criminal history background searches for employees working around students.

All Communication Concepts’ Field Technicians are subjected to drug testing under the following circumstances:

  • Upon employment with Communication Concepts
  • At random, periodic intervals
  • Following an accident of any kind
  • When a new badge or re-issued badge is necessary

Our technicians must pass a 10 hour OSHA safety certification. We provide to you a safe and conservative approach to making your projects and systems successful by removing potential risk and executing our plans with precision.

Our Corporate Awards & Recognition

Communication Concepts strives to deliver the top service to our customers. And in doing so we have earned many accolades by our vending partners along the way.

CoCo Has Proudly Partnered with The Predictive Index

In order to continue to employ the best employees in our industry and to foster a culture of success and  excellence, Communication Concepts has partnered with The Predictive Index.  Their powerful recruiting and team management software helps ensure that our Team Members are in the right position that is compatible with their work style and helps to determine what factors keeps them satisfied, motivated, and productive.

How may we serve you?

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