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What is Considered an Acceptable Miss?

The key to Communication Concepts’ success in consistent and reliable operation of your Life Safety Communication, Fire Alarm, Access Control and Video Surveillance systems is due in part to our comfort not just interfacing with IP local area networks, but residing within them.

Every system designed, installed and serviced by Communication Concepts requires a solid foundation in designing the network infrastructure of copper and fiber optic cabling, as well as selecting the proper network switches and routers as well as expertly configuring them to fluidly  transmit your emergency voice message to all IP endpoints, to distribute video content to IP video signage displays in hallways and other public spaces, to alert of non-authorized access at a secured door from an access control card module or proximity sensor, or to receive a motion alarm from an IP PoE camera across campus.

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While safety and security systems—such as a fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and emergency communication—are crucial to the well being of those working or visiting a facility,  IP networks have become a lifeline for an organization’s overall productivity and even its protection.  Communication Concepts has 35 years experience in building secure, convenient, and flexible IP infrastructure solutions.  You can rest assured that your network performance will be maximized while simultaneously safeguarding your sensitive data.

The Team Members of Communication Concepts build relationships with those we serve while offering system solutions that provide confidence and total control over your life safety system by providing faster, more precise notification to everyone in a building or multiple campuses across North Texas.

Communication Concepts increases operational efficiency, reduces the total cost of ownership, and supports your mission and professional goals, making you Safe… Secure… Successful!

Our Network Guarantee

Communication Concepts guarantees the performance of the IP-based technology system from the camera, speaker or other IP endpoint through all IP network switches and routers to the network video recorders or controllers and finally to the client workstations if the IP network is designed, installed, configured and maintained by Communication Concepts.

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