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Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERRCES)

The Attenuation Problem

Is your facility or building capable of fully protecting the individuals who are tasked with protecting you and others during an emergency?

Can the life-saving professionals on the ground reliably communicate with each other inside as well as with others on the outside?

We have all experienced signal disruption at some point.  Whether it be your cell phone signal or connection to a Bluetooth device, you may have noticed that walls and other physical obstructions can cause breaks in signal strength.  This is called signal “attenuation”.

This same attenuation problems apply to crucial first-responder radio communication!

During an emergency, first responders rely on radios to communicate amongst each other within the building or facility in order to properly navigate and relay pertinent information.  However,  radio coverage can be attenuated by physical objects such as brick or concrete walls, low-E glass, landscaping, metal roofing, televisions, or even reinforced shelters inside the building.  These “dead spots” of degraded radio signals can put first responders on the ground as well as those being rescued during an emergency at risk.

Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement System

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The ERRCES Solution

Fortunately, there is life safety system designed to specifically combat attenuation and eliminate signal “dead spots”.  These systems are referred to as Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERRCES), or also more simply referred to as Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES). 

ERRCES are designed to amplify radio signals within buildings and facilities to ensure  clear and consistent communication between first responders  in order to help save more lives and protect more property.

The BDA Solutions for ERCES

ERRCES is a Code Requirement

AHJs are now enforcing these existing ERRC code requirements in Texas and 34 other states. 

IBC 2021 – Section [F] 918, Emergency Responder Communication Coverage, Section 1

  • In-building two-way emergency responder communication coverage shall be provided in all new buildings in accordance with Section 510 of the International Fire Code.

IFC Section 510 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

  • First appeared in the appendix of the 2009 IFC; the provision was moved to the body of the code in 2012.
  • Section 1103.2 specifies the requirements for emergency responder radio coverage in existing buildings.

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

  • 2010 / 2013 Edition, section 24.5.2.
  • The 2016 edition of NFPA 72 relocated the requirements to NFPA 1221.
  • 2016 & 2019 Editions of NFPA 1221, Emergency Service Communications Systems, Section 9.6.RR
  • The 2022 edition of NFPA 1225 reflects changes to NFPA 1221, Chapters 3, 18, and 20
Notifier Typical BDA System

The Bi-Directional Amplifier Solution

Communication Concepts proudly installs and maintains the Notifier® Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Life Safety System for new and existing buildings.  The BDA System is a UL Code-compliant (UL2524) life safety system complete with a dedicated, strategically installed rooftop antenna that strengthens any two-way emergency radio signals to ensure communication for first responders. 

The Bi-Directional Amplifier System boosts signals in two directions and includes a distributed antenna system (DAS) which provides coverage where needed within a structure.

The BDA System also seamlessly integrates with any existing Notifier® fire alarm control panel.  This means it can be installed and tested with a new or replacement fire alarm system for new construction or added to the existing fire alarm system in your current building.

Communication Concepts is a Notifier®  Platinum catalyst partner. This level of certification is awarded based upon required factory classroom training over the proper approved installation and software tools configurations, as well as proven field performance. Since fire alarm technology is constantly evolving, this training and retraining is required annually to maintain our Notifier® catalyst partner status.

Not only does this mean you get the highly trained technicians installing your Life Safety Notifier® fire alarm system, but Communication Concepts is authorized by Notifier® to extend the standard Notifier® two-year warranty to FIVE years on most items.

Notifier Platinum Catalyst Partner

Additionally, Communication Concepts’ NICET Level IV (Fire Alarm) and Alarm Planning Superintendent (APS) Fire Alarm System Designers apply national, state and local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) fire alarm system and life safety requirements by designing and installing ADA visual strobes, horn strobes, speaker strobes and other required notification devices for buildings occupants to answer the two most important questions, “Am I safe? What do I do next?”

Communication Concepts’ proven expertise with Noti-Fire-Net™ intelligent fire alarm networks across water treatment plants, hospital campuses, detention facilities, college campuses, public school districts, city municipalities and even the county footprint, offers to you the confidence that every initiating point, whether it is a wireless smoke detector, flame detector, gas detector, aspirating smoke detector, duct detector, explosion proof smoke detector, heat detector or pull station, or any other supplementary device, each point will report to the ONYXWorks® Command Workstation, and trigger appropriate supplemental activity.

To improve In-Building 2-way emergency radio communication for emergency first responders, Communication Concepts provides and installs certified Notifier® Addressable Digital Class A/B Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) for channel selective, UL2524 2nd Edition Listed Digital Signal Booster System with built-in Notifier® Fire Alarm Panel Addressable Monitor Module.

Communication Concepts is Here to Help

When it comes to Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, Communication Concepts has you covered.  We offer several services provided by certified technicians to prepare the right solution for your needs.

Site Surveys / Annual Inspections

To meet building code requirements, allow a specialized FCC GROL-certified and trained Communication Concepts technician to conduct a site survey of your building or facility to see if an ERRCES would be beneficial.  Our technicians can also inspect your existing fire alarm system's ERRCES for its annual re-certification.

ERRCES Installation or Service

Whether if you have a new building project that needs a ERRCES as part of its fire alarm system or if need to service an existing system, our team of experts can get you up and running. No project is too big and no system is too complicated for our installation and service teams.

Design Specs for Architects & Engineers

Communication Concepts' team of designers can review or assist in configuring the specs for your new construction or renovation project.

The Right Solution Suited for Your Unique Needs

SMART Support

Gain peace of mind by retaining premium support from Communication Concepts’ top tier Service Team to resolve your fire alarm issue as quickly as possible.

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