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Texas Increases School Safety Features with Alyssa's Law

After the tragic death of Alyssa Alhadeff, alongside 16 of her fellow students, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018, numerous legislators have diligently worked on increasing school safety throughout their respective states.  These new school safety bills have been given the moniker “Alyssa’s Law” in honor of Alhadeff.  The law aims to provide additional layers of protection utilizing security personnel as well as integrating silent panic alert technology on campuses to prevent or stop potential threats, as well as increase response times for emergency responders during emergency situations.

As of 2024, various forms of Alyssa’s Law have been passed in five states and are pending legislation in seven other states, with more to states to follow.  In Texas, the state legislature went to work on their own version of the bill, and in 2023 Governor Greg Abbott signed important legislation into law that takes full effect in 2024.  This legislation took form in Texas House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 838.  

Texas House Bill 3 amended Texas’ Public Education School Finance and Fiscal Management Code to allocate funds for school districts’ safety and security.  In particular, Section 48.115 allocates funds for “door locking systems“, “security cameras“, “video surveillance,” and
communication systems or devices, such as silent panic devices.

Senate Bill 838 amended Texas’ Public Education Code’s Safe Schools Code to mandate school districts provide all classrooms in the state with silent panic technology.

In addition, Governor Abbott signed an executive order back in 2022 transferring $105 million into additional school funding—$17.1 million of which was allocated specifically for silent panic alert technology.

“This system is the most important technology system in my school district; more important than any fire alarm, video surveillance, or access control system.”

What is Silent Panic Alert Technology?

A major challenge faced by every safety, technology, and facility manager when dealing with active shooters or other potentially violent scenarios is how to address the two most important questions going through each student and staff member’s mind: 

  • Am I safe?

  • What do I do next?

Silent Panic Alert Technology helps alleviate these challenges by notifying law enforcement and local security personnel during an emergency.  This is  achieved by utilizing emergency call points, strategically located in classrooms and other critical  areas, which alert campus school resource officers, local first responders, district personnel, and 9-1-1 services of the situation via multiple communication platforms.

Our Solution

While the most important aspect of Silent Panic Alert Technology is to relay crucial, specific information about an emergency situation instantly while not causing a schoolwide panic, we believe it can do so much more.

Our tailored solution, One-Touch 911, is a Silent Panic Alert Technology answer that transforms your existing standalone life-safety technologies into a single integrated solution.  This fully customizable, cost-effective approach reduces the number of decisions and actions that need to be made during an emergency; thereby, mitigating the chances of human error while uniting communication, security, and life-safety systems into one simple solution.

CareHawk Silent Panic Alert IP System

Communication Concepts is Here to Help

When it comes to Silent Panic Alert Technology, Communication Concepts has you covered.  We offer several services provided by certified technicians to prepare the right solution for your needs.

Site Surveys / Annual Inspections

To meet code requirements, allow a specialized Communication Concepts technician to conduct a site survey of your building or facility to see if it meets the Silent Panic Alert Technology requirements for Alyssa's Law.  Our technicians can also inspect your existing systems to see if they can be integrated in with these emergency communication systems.

Installation or Service

Whether if you have a new building project that needs a Silent Alert Technology System as part of new requirements or the need to service an existing system, our team of experts can get you up and running. No project is too big and no system is too complicated for our installation and service teams.

Design Specs for Architects & Engineers

Communication Concepts' team of designers can review or assist in configuring the specs for your new construction or renovation project.

The Right Solution Suited for Your Unique Needs

SMART Support

Gain peace of mind by retaining premium support from Communication Concepts’ top tier Service Team to resolve your fire alarm issue as quickly as possible.

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