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We understand that having precise, accurate time across an entire campus or hospital is integral to your organizations functionality.  Students and faculty rely on accurate schedules when transitioning classes throughout the day and in between buildings.  Some healthcare industries are subject to time accuracy standards and regulations for proper patient record keeping and medical procedures.  Military and governmental facilities operate under strict uniformed timetables to ensure meticulous conformity. And now that so much our communication channels operate by simultaneously broadcasting across the internet, accurate coordination relies on precise time.

Communication Concepts is sensitive to this often forgotten aspect of some of our most important institutions and industries.  Time is a valuable resource that must be appropriately maintained.  And we have 35 years of experience of working on both simple and complex synchronized clock systems for hundreds of schools and hospitals in the DFW metroplex.  So, while time may not be on your side, we certainly are.

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Our modern master clock systems utilize universal world time standards from an atomic clock using either a integrated network time receiver (NTP or via an optional GPS receiver.  This accurate time is then delivered over a secure and encrypted internal network to an array of different physical clocks throughout a building or across an entire campus.

Communication Concepts installs and services these master clock systems for wired or wireless clocks and whether they are digital or analog.  Additionally, we make sure all times also synchronize with any internal networks and/or other emergency safety and security systems.

Our experienced team of designers and technicians are knowledgeable in both traditional existing analog clock systems as well as modern IP clock networks.  We have built new clock systems from the ground up as well as upgrade existing infrastructure with new technology.  Our team of experts would be more than happy to take look at your unique facility and help create the custom solution for your needs.

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Whether you have an existing clock system that needs servicing or upgrading on your current campus or if your are building a brand new master clock system from the ground up across entire district, our experts have the right solutions to fit your budget and needs. Communication Concepts makes it simple.

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